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~ Rules & Regulations ~

Rules ~

[For Guest-House Reservations & Visits to the Project]

BABLI is an experimental space, where we try to follow a cohesive and compatible method of harmonious living.

WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE against any individual based on their race/ religion/ sex/ ethnicity/ caste/ sexual-orientation/ etc.

  • However, we do RESERVE THE RIGHT to RESTRICT ENTRY / EVICT if necessary, any visitor/ guest, if we find their conduct to be unbecoming in any manner / feel that they are deviating from the ethos of the project.

  • In case of such an untoward situation, the guest shall NOT BE ELIGIBLE for any refund, whatsoever.

  • Room-Rates prevailing AT THE POINT OF BOOKING will be effective.

  • Car-Rates may CHANGE without notice. In case the Car-Hiring-Rates have changed after Advance Payment (Reservation), ADJUSTMENTS shall be affected at the point of CHECK-OUT, as per the rates at that point.

  • Guest-house bookings are finalised only after FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT of the applicable tariffs.

  • Bookings are accepted up to NINETY (90) DAYS IN ADVANCE, &/OR AT LEAST 24-hrs. BEFORE SCHEDULED VISIT.


  • Timings for room-reservations at the Guest-House are from 1:00 PM (check-in) to 12:00 NOON (check-out) of the following day.

  • Entry timings to the project:-

  • For Guests WITH ROOM-RESERVATIONS ~ from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM. After which the main gate closes and no one is allowed to leave or enter the project.

  • Non-boarding visitors are NOT ALLOWED within BABLI premises.
    That is, no one is allowed to enter the project premises without prior guest-house reservation

    (However, a guest who is boarding at the guesthouse maybe allowed to entertain outside visitors during their stay – provided they ACQUIRE PRIOR PERMISSION for the same)

  • We DO NOT PROVIDE EXTRA BEDS/ COTS in any of the rooms, under any circumstances

  • However, ONE EXTRA PERSON may be accommodated in each roomWITHIN THE BEDS ALREADY PROVIDED (the twin beds are wide enough for three adults, but they are joined in the middle) – against APPLICABLE EXTRA CHARGES.

  • Two children BELOW EIGHT (08) YEARS are allowed FREE OF CHARGE in each room (age-proof maybe asked for on-site) – NO EXTRA BEDS/ COTS provided.

  • We provide toilet-soap, towels, hot bath water (within scheduled timings), mosquito nets, basic linen and winter quilts in all rooms (EXCEPT in Rm. “D” & Rm. “F”, where mosquito nets are NOT PROVIDED – and charges apply for hot bath-water in Rm. “D”).

  • However, room tariff does not include extra linen, utensils, room services, personal laundry etc. – these maybe provided, on request, against charges, subject to availability of resources.

  •  GENERATOR  BACKUP during power-cuts provided for all rooms – EXCEPT Rm. # D, where it is provided, on request, against EXTRA CHARGES only (in case a guest residing in Rm. # D wishes to use the generator back-up, the office maybe informed of the same on arrival).

  • Car pick-up from the station can be organised (6 AM to 10 PM) ~ IF INFORMED AT LEAST 48 HRS. BEFORE SCHEDULED ARRIVAL.

  • CANTEEN orders (1st meal after arrival) must be placed AT LEAST 24 HRS BEFORE ARRIVAL

  • It is OBLIGATORY to have AT LEAST ONE MAJOR MEAL (lunch/ dinner) at the CANTEEN everyday.

  • Meal-Items once ordered are liable to be billed – irrespective of final consumption.

  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD/ DRINKS are allowed within the canteen premises.

  • Only the items listed in the menu are served at the canteen – We do not prepare any ‘special’ items (such as instant noodles etc.) on demand

  • BABLI has statutory obligations: therefore, ALL INTOXICANTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED within the COMMON AREAS of the project ~

  • However, we do not ​need to intervene into your personal space to enforce the said prohibition ~ So, you are free to indulge in your 'poison' within your room, as long as you maintain decorum and do not disturb other boarders and the surroundings.

  • Pet animals are NOT ALLOWED within BABLI premises.

  • Plug-points provided in the rooms ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR HEAVY-DUTY APPLIANCES such as electric heaters, pressing irons, immersion heaters etc. Any such use SHALL BE STRICTLY PERSECUTED.

  • Video-Photography, for personal/ professional use, is PROHIBITED within BABLI premises. Anyone found to be partaking in any kind of movie/ video recording within the project SHALL BE STRICTLY PERSECUTED.

  • In case of CANCELLATION refund of advances shall be applicable as follows:~


…………………………………… REFUND: 75% of room-rent


…………………………………… REFUND: 60% of room-rent




…………………………………… REFUND: 40% of room-rent

…………………………………… REFUND: 25% of room-rent

…………………………………… REFUND: NIL



Regulations ~
General Mores & Codes :~

  • BASA (Babli Shanti Aalaya) is NOT intended to be a typical Tourist Resort or Lodge.
    It is offered as an experiment in living in a natural and rural ambience. So, please do not expect urban luxury

  • Our Canteen is a part of BABLI’s action programme and it is an enterprise by locals. Sahadeb Gupta is the primary “entrepreneur”. BABLI management supervises and guides the team.

  • BABLI staff also use the same canteen.

  • As we are not within easy reach of a well-stocked market, the canteen has to design its menu within the locally available ingredients.

  • Your special orders will be entertained – but again, within the limitations of availability and, most important, expertise and capability of the team.

  • Also, for the same reasons, it is MANDATORY that you give us at least a day’s notice to prepare the meal of your choice.

  • As we have already mentioned, BABLI is an enterprise which attempts to function in harmony with the rural life and pastoral surroundings of the local people.

  • Therefore, it is imperative that PLASTIC WASTE be organised and disposed of with extra care.

  • Please try to GENERATE AS LITTLE PLASTIC LITTER as possible. If you bring along PLASTIC PACKAGING (bottles, packets etc.), please try to carry them back with you – so as not to add to the already heavy load of plastic waste that is killing the rural face of the country!

  • For the same reason, it is also very important that our guests also try to understand and adhere to the basic mores and codes that exist within such rural communities: –

  • Partyingout in open areas of the project invariably entails a substantial amount of noise, which disturbs not only the peace and quiet, but more importantly, the ethos of rural life.

  • Santals, Bauls and other exclusive communities of this area had a philosophically rich and aesthetically  unique lifestyle, till city-culture barged into their social spaces. Requesting such local communities to come and “stage their show”, even when made with the best of intentions, tantamount to subjugating them to the status of performing-monkeys!

  • BASA quarters are situated in the lap of unadulterated Nature. House lizards attracted by insects around light sources, various kinds of frogs, mice, bees and wasps, spiders, cockroaches, street dogs and even the occasional snake are things we must learn to live with. Even though we take various precautions, it is practically impossible to insulate the quarters from such creatures. However, they never harm you unless you harm or scare them first – trust us, we have to live with them around the year!

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