BABLI | About the Farmstay

We are not a hotel or a 'resort' ... we are a unique and experimental space ~

Therefore, it is extremely important that first-time visitors come with a clear idea about the work we do, and how that influences the guesthouse, which is only an extension of our primary activities.

~ Please read all the following sections carefully ~


Want to spend a holiday in a ‘jungle’ that is close enough to a highway and yet quiet enough to calm your city-jittered nerves?

Are you game to cohabit with

mosquitoes, bugs, termites, frogs, lizards, scorpions and snakes...

In exchange for - clear blue skies -

dazzling, star-lit nights - full-moon that bathe you in bliss -

a plethora of exotic birds, flowers, scents and sounds of a "wilderness-farm"?


Interested in a taste of traditional-Bengali village-hospitality, which is far from being professional and formal, but is endearingly rustic and full of heart  – where a commercial canteen runs like your own home kitchen?


If your answer to all the above is a yes
Come over to BASA ("BABLI SHANTI ALAYA"), the guest-house at BABLI.
However, if you had 'DOUBTS', while reading the sections above ~
Please do EXPLORE the site in detail, before deciding upon a visit
Please remember that we are an effort at
LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE - we are not a ‘resort’ or a hotel

© 2017, BABLI

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